Mac Classic

Finding the right graphics card for your Mac can be difficult with limited information available now. Below is a complete (to my knowledge) list of graphics cards available to pre-OSX systems with full driver support.
If you see something missing please get in touch so it can be added.

MakeModelTypeMemorySpeedGb/sReleasedSystem Drivers
ATIRadeon 7000 Mac EditionPCI32MB166Mhz2.9282002Mac OS 9
ATIRadeon 7000 Mac EditionAGP32MB183Mhz2.9282002Mac OS 9
ATIRadeon 9200 Mac EditionAGP128MB250Mhz6.4Gbps2004Mac OS 9.2.1
ATIRadeon 9200 DVI-I Mac EditionAGP128MB250Mhz6.4Gbps2004Mac OS 9.2.1
ATIRadeon 9250PCI128MB240Mhz 2003Mac OS 9.2.1
ATIRadeon 8500 Mac EditionAGP64MB250Mhz8.0Gbps2002Mac OS 9.2.1
ATIRadeon Mac EditionPCI32MB166Mhz 2000Mac OS 8.6
ATIRadeon Mac EditionAGP32MB166Mhz 2000Mac OS 9.0
ATIXclaim VRPCI16MB90Mhz1.4Gbps1999Mac OS 8.0
ATIRage OrionPCI16MB90Mhz1.4Gbps1999Mac OS 8.0
ATINexus 128PCI32MB100Mhz1.4Gbps1999Mac OS 8.0
ATIXclaim VR (Rage II/Pro)PCI4MB, 8MB, 16MB100Mhz1.4Gbps1998Mac OS 8.0
ATIXclaim 3D PlusPCI8MB75Mhz0.6Gbps1997Mac OS 8.0
ATINexus GAPCI8MB, 16MB75Mhz0.6Gbps1997Mac OS 8.0
ATIXclaim 3D (Rage II/Pro)PCI4MB75Mhz0.6Gbps1997Mac OS 8.0
ATIXclaim GAPCI2MB, 4MB  1995Mac OS 7.5.2
NVIDIAGeForce 3 Ti 200AGP64MB175Mhz6.4Gbps2001Mac OS 9.2.2
NVIDIAGeForce 2 MXAGP32MB175Mhz2.7Gbps2001Mac OS 8.5
NVIDIAQuadro DCCAGP64MB200Mhz3.7Gbpx2001Mac OS 8.5
NVIDIAGeForce 4 MX 420AGP64MB250Mhz2.6Gbps2002Mac OS 8.5
NVIDIAGeForce FX 5200AGP128MB250Mhz6.4Gbps2003Mac OS 8.5
NVIDIAGeForce 4 Ti 4200-8xAGP64MB275Mhz4.0Gbps2002Mac OS 8.5
NVIDIAGeForce 4 MX 440AGP64MB275Mhz6.4Gbps2002Mac OS 8.0
NVIDIAGeForce 4 Ti 4600AGP128MB300Mhz10.3Gbps2002Mac OS 8.5
NVIDIAQuadro 4 900 XGLAGP128MB300Mhz10.4Gbps2002Mac OS 8.5


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