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Trump supporters say God chose him to be president

Energy Secretary Rick Perry and former U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Nikki Haley see God’s hand in picking Donald Trump as president. See full article

Kevin McCarthy debuts new ad praising Trump's election prowess. It uses Russian stock footage.

Russia seems to loom over just about everything election-related these days.House Minority Leader Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) unveiled a new ad Monday defending President Trump while he remains the subject of an impeachment investigation and the 2020 general election draws... See full article

Hong Kong’s Pro-Democracy Forces Bolstered by Huge Election Win

(Bloomberg) -- Hong Kong residents handed an overwhelming victory to pro-democracy candidates in a vote for local district councils on Sunday, a stunning repudiation of the city’s Beijing-backed government after months of increasingly violent protests seeking meaningful elections.Pro-democracy candidates See full article

Regime supporters rally as Amnesty says Iran death toll at least 143

At least 143 demonstrators were killed across Iran, almost all of them shot by security forces, Amnesty said Monday, as government supporters poured into central Tehran to condemn days of "rioting" that the Islamic republic blamed on its foreign foes.... See full article

Green New Deal Author Wants To Expand Anti-Corruption Laws To Cover Climate

Massachusetts Sen. Ed Markey's latest bill could extend the kind of financial sanctions the U.S. slapped on Russia and North Korea to countries such as Brazil. See full article

Latin star Carlos Vives will receive philanthropy award at the UN

Colombian star Carlos Vives will receive the 2019 Latin Impact Award at the United Nations for his organization's work "Tras la Perla de América," which strives for responsible, inclusive and sustainable development in the city of his birth, Santa Marta.... See full article

Threat to Raab Shows the Shifting Loyalties of U.K. Voters

(Bloomberg) -- Sign up to our Brexit Bulletin, follow us @Brexit and subscribe to our podcast.Boris Johnson’s decision to hold an early general election could have at last one high-profile casualty: Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab.On the face of it, Raab should be safe as he’s defending a... See full article

When It Comes to Ukraine, Why Are Republicans So Eager to Play Putin’s Game?

When Sen. John N. Kennedy of Louisiana went with a group of fellow Republican lawmakers to celebrate the Fourth of July in Moscow (yes, Moscow) last year, they met with Russian counterparts in what the Russian press described as a... See full article

'No sign of a slowdown' as greenhouse gas concentration hits record high again

Even as countries rush to cap or limit their emissions, greenhouse gas concentrations in the atmosphere have reached a record high -- again.The United Nations' World Meteorological Organization said Monday that globally averaged concentrations of carbon dioxide reached a record-breaking... See full article

Brexit Bulletin: Johnson’s Promise

Days to General Election: 17(Bloomberg) -- Sign up here to get the Brexit Bulletin in your inbox every weekday.What’s Happening? The Conservatives are playing it safe with election promises, but a new Brexit cliff-edge could soon come into view.It seems like... See full article

The Honeymoon Is Over for Ukraine’s President

(Bloomberg) -- For the first time since President Volodymyr Zelenskiy took power this year, more Ukrainians say the country is headed in the wrong direction than not, according to the latest poll on his performance.With voters clamoring for change, the... See full article

Jailed Israeli’s Mother Looks to Putin as Netanyahu Stumbles

(Bloomberg) -- The mother of an Israeli woman imprisoned in Russia on drug-smuggling charges has asked President Vladimir Putin to pardon her after he snubbed repeated pleas from Israel’s embattled Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.Theophilos III, the Greek Orthodox Patriarch of... See full article

Champagne regains number one spot over Prosecco in Britain's battle of the bubbles

They have been fierce competitors for years, but now it seems that Champagne has regained its crown over Prosecco as Britain’s favourite fizz.  An aggressive pricing campaign by French producers has edged Champagne ahead of its Italian rival in the... See full article

REFILE-UPDATE 1-EU lawmakers set to declare 'climate emergency' ahead of UN conference

A majority of European Union lawmakers hoped to declare a "climate emergency" on Monday, a week before a United Nations climate conference in Madrid. Members of the European Parliament said the declaration would increase pressure on the incoming EU executive,... See full article

Australia investigates 'China plot to plant spy in Parliament' as Scott Morrison insists 'not naive' to threat

Australian authorities are investigating claims a man who mysteriously died in March this year had been approached by a Chinese espionage ring to stand for the country's national parliament. Sources with knowledge of the alleged plot understand the suspected intelligence... See full article

Iran's Guard threatens US, allies over protests

The head of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard threatened the U.S. and its allies Monday as he addressed a pro-government demonstration attended by tens of thousands of people denouncing last week’s violent protests over a fuel price hike. Gen. Hossein Salami, echoing... See full article

UPDATE 1-British parliament to reconvene on Dec. 17 - Downing Street statement

Britain's parliament will be reconvened on Dec. 17 following the general election, and if Prime Minister Boris Johnson remains leader, his government plans to set out its legislative agenda on Dec. 19, the government said on Monday. The emailed statement... See full article

Egypt hands down 7 death sentences on terror charges

An Egyptian court has handed down death sentences to seven people convicted of carrying out attacks that killed 11 policemen in 2016. The Cairo Criminal Court on Monday also sentenced 18 others to 10-15 years in prison for the same... See full article

'Never allow escapes': Second leak reveals how China runs Uighur detention camps

A second leak of secret Chinese Communist Party (CCP) documents has revealed details of how over one million detainees in China are indoctrinated, controlled and punished in a huge network of internment camps. The papers, dated to 2017 and leaked... See full article

EU lawmakers set to declare 'climate emergency' ahead of UN conference

A majority of European Union lawmakers were hoping to symbolically declare a "climate emergency" on Monday, a week before a U.N. climate conference in Madrid. Members of the European Parliament said the declaration would increase pressure on the incoming EU... See full article

Iran crackdown on protesters revealed in new videos after internet blackout lifted

Videos have begun emerging of Iran’s brutal crackdown on protesters after the internet was restored following a week-long government-imposed blackout. The protests began on November 15 after a petrol price hike was announced. Demonstrations quickly grew into a wave of... See full article

Chemical watchdog chief expresses confidence in Douma report

The director-general of the global chemical weapons watchdog expressed confidence Monday in a report into a deadly attack in Syria last year that has been called into question in a leaked letter. Fernando Arias used his opening statement to the... See full article

UPDATE 1-Pope urges world leaders to renounce nuclear weapons during visit to Japan

Pope Francis appealed on Monday to world leaders to ensure that nuclear weapons are never used again, a day after he visited Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the only cities ever to be hit by atomic bombs. Nuclear disarmament has been a... See full article

Libyan officials say US drone shot down by mistake

Libyan forces trying to seize Tripoli shot down a U.S. military drone over the capital by mistake last week, officials said Monday. The U.S. military said it lost the drone Thursday while it was assessing the security situation and monitoring... See full article

Congo residents burn town hall after latest rebel attack

Angry residents of the eastern Congo city of Beni burned the town hall and stormed the United Nations peacekeeping mission Monday after rebels killed eight people and kidnapped nine overnight in their latest assault. Gunfire could be heard outside the... See full article