Mac Classic

The iMac G3 was launched May 6th, 1998, to much fanfare. The iMac G3 featured lovely colored translucent plastics and changed the world of computing forever. Gone were the days of beige and black boxes and archaic ports and drives. The iMac G3 was credited with saving Apple’s computer line.  Apple followed up with the slot loading model on October 5th, 1999. The new model featured more transparent plastics and a much better aesthetic. 

Because of the importance of this machine, collectors have been seeking out these machines with growing nostalgia.  Unfortunately, a fatal flaw exists that dooms most of them. The inner CRT bezel degrades and becomes insanely brittle.

If this project is successful MacEffects will venture to create additional case parts for brittle Macs.

Compatible with all slot loading iMac G3s (350mhz to 700mhz):

Funding for the project ends January 31st 2024.
Source: Kickstarter, MacEffects

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