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India Loosens Restrictions, Despite Coronavirus Surge: Live Coverage

Baghdad has shut down again; Israel might as well. Moscow has doubled its official death toll. See full article

Testing Is Key to Beating Coronavirus, Right? Japan Has Other Ideas

The country has reported fewer deaths than other major nations and ended a state of emergency even while maintaining a low testing rate.By Ben Dooley and Makiko Inoue See full article

In Brazil, a President Under Fire Lashes Out at Investigators

President Jair Bolsonaro and his allies have taken an increasingly belligerent stance toward the array of criminal and legislative investigations engulfing his office.By Manuela Andreoni, Letícia Casado and Kirk Semple See full article

In Hong Kong, China Tries to Drown Out Security Law’s Critics

Beijing has tapped local officials and business tycoons to sell a measure that could curtail the city’s civil and economic liberties and threaten its status as a financial center.By Javier C. Hernández and Alexandra Stevenson See full article

In a German Restaurant, the Sommelier Lifts His Mask to Smell the Wine

Pauly Saal, a Michelin-starred restaurant in Berlin, was one of the first restaurants in Europe to restart operations last week. How did its chefs, waiters — and diners — cope on its opening night?By Patrick Kingsley and Laetitia Vancon See full article

Taiwan Court Strikes Down Law Criminalizing Adultery

The decision was hailed by rights activists who said the law had disproportionately targeted women.By Amy Qin See full article

A Son’s Long Struggle to Clear His Family’s Name Is Only Half Won

When it left Vietnam in 1973, the South Korean military said none of its soldiers had been taken prisoner. It took Ahn Yong-soo decades to change the narrative.By Choe Sang-Hun See full article

Older Italians Warily Eye Young Crowds, Fearing 2nd Coronavirus Wave

As the country cautiously emerges from lockdown, anxieties have centered on public gatherings of teenagers and young adults — unfairly, some experts say.By Emma Bubola See full article

When Going to Work Means Taking a Calculated Risk

The coronavirus hasn’t gone away. But an increasing number of Canadians are heading back to workplaces that may increase their risk of infection.By Ian Austen See full article

Its Coronavirus Caseload Soaring, India Is Reopening Anyway

Worried for its economy, India loosened tough restrictions and may lift them entirely this weekend. But infection numbers are climbing fast.By Kai Schultz and Sameer Yasir See full article

Russians Are Angry, but Putin’s Foes Struggle to Seize the Moment

The main opposition leader, Aleksei A. Navalny, has seen his YouTube audience triple during the coronavirus crisis. But street protest, his most potent weapon, is off the table.By Anton Troianovski See full article

Student Activist in Australia Is Suspended After China Protests

Drew Pavlou, an advocate for Hong Kong democracy and against Chinese influence on campus, has been barred from his studies at the University of Queensland until 2022.By Damien Cave See full article

South Korean Ends Yearlong Tower Protest After Samsung Apologizes

After 355 days perched atop a Seoul traffic tower, Kim Yong-hee, who says he was fired for labor activism, climbed down.By Choe Sang-Hun See full article

‘It’s Not the Virus’: Mexico’s Broken Hospitals Become Killers, Too

Years of neglect have hobbled many Mexican hospitals. Now, as the pandemic strikes, some patients are dying from neglect or from mistakes that are easily prevented, doctors and nurses say.By Natalie Kitroeff and Paulina Villegas See full article

U.S. Jobless Claims Pass 40 Million: Live Business Updates

The latest on stock market and business news during the coronavirus outbreak. See full article

For Families Already Stretched to the Limit, the Pandemic Is a Disaster

The Sydnor-Joneses had finally moved into an actual home by scrimping and saving. But the pandemic has stymied their resourcefulness.By Nikole Hannah-Jones See full article

The World Is Still Far From Herd Immunity for Coronavirus

The latest studies show that even in the hardest-hit cities, most people remain vulnerable.By Nadja Popovich and Margot Sanger-Katz See full article

Remembering the 100,000 Lives Lost to Coronavirus in America

As the U.S. reached a grim milestone in the outbreak, The New York Times gathered names of the dead and memories of their lives from obituaries across the country.By Dan Barry, Larry Buchanan, Clinton Cargill, Annie Daniel, Alain Delaquérière, Lazaro Gamio, Gabriel Gianordoli, Richard Harris, Barbara Harvey, John Haskins, Jon Huang, Simone Landon, Juliette Love, Grace Maalouf, Alex Matthews, Farah Mohamed, Steven Moity, Destinée-Charisse Royal, Matt Ruby and Eden Weingart See full article

Coronavirus Briefing: What Happened Today

The C.D.C. recommended big changes to the way office spaces are laid out.By Lara Takenaga and Jonathan Wolfe See full article

When Your Restaurant’s Star Dish Is Blamed for Spreading Coronavirus

As restaurants around the world close or retool to enforce social distancing, Hong Kong’s hot pot eateries offer a cautionary tale and some good advice.By Elaine Yu See full article

Rome’s Homeless Don’t Have the Luxury of Staying Home

How do you wash your hands without a sink? Stock up on food without money? Or shelter in place when you live on the streets? Charities in the Italian capital are struggling to respond.By Elisabetta Povoledo See full article

‘The Face of the Coronavirus’: A Hong Kong Student Shunned in Italy

Since arriving in Bologna, Ciara Lo said she has been discriminated against at a bank and a police station because she is Chinese.By Tiffany May See full article

Making a Plague Movie, With Coronavirus on the Doorstep

A British film crew shooting in Italy suddenly found concern about the coronavirus encroaching, including a text from the director’s mother.By Alex Marshall See full article

He Drove Her to the Hospital. She Gave Him the Coronavirus.

Taxi and bus drivers are on the forefront of the spread of the coronavirus in Asia, even as a tourism downturn hurts their business.By Hannah Beech See full article

Where the Police Wear Masks, and the Bodies Pile Up Fast

The police killed an average of 17 people every day in Brazil last year, and rogue officers are killing even more off duty. “I’m a hero to my people,” one militia leader said.By Azam Ahmed See full article

He Was One of Mexico’s Deadliest Assassins. Then He Turned on His Cartel.

“They took away everything left in me that was human and made me a monster,” said the hit man.By Azam Ahmed and Paulina Villegas See full article

How American Gun Laws Are Fueling Jamaica’s Homicide Crisis

Hundreds of thousands of guns sold in the United States vanish because of loose American gun laws. Many reappear on the Caribbean island, turning its streets into battlefields.By Azam Ahmed and Tyler Hicks See full article

Women Are Fleeing Death at Home. The U.S. Wants to Keep Them Out.

Violence against women is driving an exodus of migrants from Central America, but the Trump administration is determined to deny them asylum.By Azam Ahmed and Meridith Kohut and Daniel Berehulak See full article

Inside Gang Territory in Honduras: ‘Either They Kill Us or We Kill Them.’

The Times spent weeks with a group of young men as they fought for their lives in Honduras. All they had was a few blocks in one of the world’s deadliest cities. They would die to protect it. See full article

A Reporter’s Journey Across a Resuscitating, and Oddly Changed, Europe

In fits and starts, Europe is gradually reopening after months of lockdown. We’re driving more than 3,700 miles to document life on a continent where surreal moments now seem normal, and normality surreal.By Patrick Kingsley and Laetitia Vancon See full article

Canada’s ‘Voice of the Nation’ Rings Out in a Capital Quieted by a Virus

In a belfry high above Ottawa, the Dominion Carillonneur performs live music for a tiny audience, chiming 53 bells to help keep up morale during a health crisis.By Ian Austen See full article

The Circus Came to Town, Then It Couldn’t Leave

One of Italy’s famed family-owned circuses has been sitting out the coronavirus pandemic in a field outside Rome.By Jason Horowitz and Nadia Shira Cohen See full article

In Istanbul Under Lockdown, Baklava Makers Are Essential Workers

A strict weekend curfew quiets the city’s joyous commotion, but offers up new moments of breathtaking beauty, both spiritual and natural. And essential sweets are still delivered.By Carlotta Gall See full article

Toronto Was Obeying Social Distance Rules. Then Came Adorable Baby Foxes.

Canada’s largest city was politely abiding by a strict coronavirus lockdown. But when a family of foxes set up a den in a prime Toronto location, all bets were off.By Catherine Porter See full article

As Bolsonaro Keeps Amazon Vows, Brazil’s Indigenous Fear ‘Ethnocide’

President Jair Bolsonaro is moving aggressively to open up the Amazon rainforest to commercial development, posing an existential threat to the tribes living there.By Ernesto Londoño and Letícia Casado See full article

China Cracks Down on Fentanyl. But Is It Enough to End the U.S. Epidemic?

After years of American pressure, China is taking steps to shut off the illicit supply of deadly synthetic opioids. But don’t expect an end to the overdoses.By Steven Lee Myers See full article

With Boeing in Cross Hairs, Lion Air Gets a Pass on Poor Safety Record

A focus on Boeing after two fatal crashes has given cover to an Indonesian air carrier with global ambitions — a company that will neither fully admit to, nor swiftly address, its safety issues.By Hannah Beech and Muktita Suhartono See full article

Why Amazon Fires Keep Raging 10 Years After a Deal to End Them

Many of the thousands of fires burning in Brazil’s Amazon are set by ranchers. A deal inked 10 years ago was meant to stop the problem, but the ecological arson goes on as the Earth warms.By Clifford Krauss, David Yaffe-Bellany and Mariana Simões See full article

After a Caribbean Hurricane, the Battle Is Where, or Even Whether, to Rebuild

When Hurricane Irma crushed St. Martin two years ago, the French state vowed swift assistance. Aid has flowed in, but a fight has followed about recovery plans, exposing racial and class tension.By Kirk Semple See full article


It’s Not Whether You Were Exposed to the Virus. It’s How Much.

The pathogen is proving a familiar adage: The dose makes the poison.By Apoorva Mandavilli See full article

Economic Giants Are Restarting. Here’s What It Means for Climate Change.

Want to know whether the world can avert catastrophe? Watch the recovery plans coming out now in Europe, China and the United States.By Somini Sengupta See full article

Congress Calls State Dept. Officials for Interviews in Expanded Pompeo Inquiry

Lawmakers are investigating whether Secretary of State Mike Pompeo urged President Trump to fire Steve A. Linick, the department’s inspector general, to shield himself from Mr. Linick’s inquiries.By Edward Wong See full article

Scientists Question Validity of Major Hydroxychloroquine Study

Experts demanded verification of data and methods used in a study of drugs to treat Covid-19. The study suggested the drugs might have increased deaths.By Roni Caryn Rabin See full article

With Most Weddings Still on Hold, Italian Designers Struggle

One designer set fire to his collection to draw attention to how the coronavirus has devastated cash flow and is likely to continue into 2021 — if they make it that far.By Milena Lazazzera See full article

Protests Against Police Escalate

And what else you need to know today.By David Leonhardt See full article

Stocks Climb After Trump Speaks on China: Live Updates

The latest on stock market and business news during the coronavirus outbreak. See full article

The Birds Are Not on Lockdown, and More People Are Watching Them

Bird-watching has surged in popularity during the pandemic. It’s easy to start, and you can do it anywhere — even from inside, and even in urban spaces.By Jacey Fortin See full article

News Quiz: George Floyd, Twitter, Coronavirus

Did you follow the headlines this week?Compiled by Chris Stanford, Will Dudding and Anna Schaverien See full article

The Return to School

What Australian children have to say about going back to classBy Besha Rodell See full article