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Hong Kong Election Results Give Democracy Backers Big Win

A surge in voting, especially by young people, allowed democracy advocates to win many more seats on local councils.By Keith Bradsher, Austin Ramzy and Tiffany May See full article

Across Northern England, Labour’s ‘Red Wall’ Is Showing Cracks

As in America, Britain’s rust belt regions are turning to the right, possibly heralding a realignment in next month’s general election.By Mark Landler See full article

Meet 5 of Hong Kong’s Newest Politicians

The pro-democracy camp’s stunning victory in citywide district elections means a younger class of political neophytes will soon take office.By Austin Ramzy See full article

Suicides by K-Pop Stars Prompt Soul-Searching in South Korea

Two beloved female stars, Sulli and Goo Hara, ended their own lives in two months, exposing the painful side of being a K-pop idol.By Choe Sang-Hun and Su-Hyun Lee See full article

Hong Kong Election Landslide Signals More Frictions With Beijing

Democracy supporters were emboldened by capturing most of the seats in local elections, but Beijing and its allies are reluctant to compromise.By Keith Bradsher See full article

Pope Francis, in Japan, Warns of ‘Selfish Decisions’ on Nuclear Energy

Making the first visit to the country by a pope in 38 years, Francis called for an end to the nuclear arms race in visits to Hiroshima and Nagasaki.By Motoko Rich See full article

How an Unknown Female Senator Came to Replace the Bolivian President Evo Morales

Inside the scramble to fill the power vacuum and name a leader to guide the country out of political chaos.By Anatoly Kurmanaev and Cesar Del Castillo See full article

Cargo Ship With Almost 15,000 Sheep Overturns Near Romania

A rescue operation was underway to save the animals in the Black Sea.By Mihir Zaveri and Neil Vigdor See full article

American Aid Worker for U.N. Is Killed in Afghan Capital

The killing of the United Nations employee underscores the growing threat to aid workers at a time Afghanistan is in dire need of humanitarian assistance.By Mujib Mashal See full article

Trump Threw This Mission Into Chaos. The Military Is Scrambling To Save It.

On a rare visit to U.S. bases in eastern Syria, we saw how President Trump’s message is being reinterpreted on the ground.By Neil Collier and Ben Laffin See full article

‘Our Patience Is Over’: Why Iraqis Are Protesting

Sadr City residents have come in droves to Baghdad’s protests, driven by anger at the Iraq government’s neglect and fueled by their long history of defiance.By Alissa J. Rubin See full article

First Comes Snapchat, Then the Bachelor and Spinster Ball

In the cities, technology has transformed social life. But in Australia’s vast rural areas, finding a mate is a bit more complicated.By Damien Cave and Matthew Abbott See full article

This Mexican Village’s Embroidery Designs Are Admired (and Appropriated) Globally

The distinctive iconography used by the Indigenous Otomí people has attracted unsolicited attention from fashion houses, which have incorporated similar images in their designs, often without credit.By Elisabeth Malkin See full article

The French Theaters Where the iPhone Is No Match for Guignol

French puppet theater captures hearts and minds the way no technology does. Guignol is one of several characters that have endured for centuries.By Liz Alderman See full article

With Boeing in Cross Hairs, Lion Air Gets a Pass on Poor Safety Record

A focus on Boeing after two fatal crashes has given cover to an Indonesian air carrier with global ambitions — a company that will neither fully admit to, nor swiftly address, its safety issues.By Hannah Beech and Muktita Suhartono See full article

Why Amazon Fires Keep Raging 10 Years After a Deal to End Them

Many of the thousands of fires burning in Brazil’s Amazon are set by ranchers. A deal inked 10 years ago was meant to stop the problem, but the ecological arson goes on as the Earth warms.By Clifford Krauss, David Yaffe-Bellany and Mariana Simões See full article

After a Caribbean Hurricane, the Battle Is Where, or Even Whether, to Rebuild

When Hurricane Irma crushed St. Martin two years ago, the French state vowed swift assistance. Aid has flowed in, but a fight has followed about recovery plans, exposing racial and class tension.By Kirk Semple See full article

Massacred at Home, in Misery Abroad, 730,000 Rohingya Are Mired in Hopelessness

Fear of what awaits them has kept the Rohingya from returning to Myanmar, where they were targets of ethnic cleansing. But life in Bangladesh refugee camps is intolerable. There’s no good place to go.By Hannah Beech See full article

Thailand’s Roads Are Deadly. Especially if You’re Poor.

The rules of a highly unequal society extend even to the highways, where have-nots are far more likely to be killed than haves.By Hannah Beech See full article


On Day to End Violence Against Women, Spain’s Far Right Champions Men

Fresh from a strong showing at the polls, members of the ultranationalist Vox party have called for the repeal of a law that protects women from violence.By Raphael Minder See full article

Hong Kong, ISIS, Julian Assange: Your Tuesday Briefing

Let us help you start your day.By Andrea Kannapell See full article

Truck Driver Pleads Guilty to 2 Charges in Essex Deaths

The 25-year-old, one of three people charged after dozens of Vietnamese were found dead in a refrigerated truck in Britain last month, faces 41 additional counts.By Iliana Magra See full article

Julian Assange ‘Could Die’ in U.K. Jail, Doctors Warn

More than 60 physicians signed a letter saying that the WikiLeaks founder might not survive until February unless he receives an urgent expert medical assessment.By Ceylan Yeginsu See full article

France Announces New Measures to Tackle Domestic Violence

Advocacy groups welcomed a surge of awareness, but said the government’s proposals did not go far enough, and were not supported with nearly enough money.By Aurelien Breeden See full article

3 Afghan Schools, 165 Accounts of Students Being Raped

An advocacy group says it has documented systematic sexual abuse by teachers, principals and other authorities of dozens of boys in one rural area.By David Zucchino and Fatima Faizi See full article

Scientists Created Fake Rhino Horn. But Should We Use It?

Experts are divided over whether flooding the Asian market with convincing artificial rhino horn would help or hurt rhinos’ survival.By Rachel Nuwer See full article

Saxon Royal Jewels Are Stolen From a German Museum

Artifacts including diamonds, rubies and sapphires, said to be of immeasurable historical value, were taken from a display room in Dresden.By Melissa Eddy and Christopher F. Schuetze See full article

Michael Bloomberg, Hong Kong, Tiffany: Your Monday Briefing

Michael Bloomberg, Hong Kong, Tiffany: Here's what you need to know.By Mike Ives See full article

Uber Is Fighting to Survive in London After Losing Its License

The company is at odds with regulators and drivers of traditional cabs in its most lucrative European market.By Adam Satariano and Amie Tsang See full article