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In Nepal and Across the World, Child Marriage Is Rising

The pandemic has worsened economic distress and other factors that lead to such unions. Studies show a clear link between marrying early and dying young.By Bhadra Sharma and Jeffrey Gettleman See full article

‘I Just Didn’t Want to Be Alive Anymore’: Meghan Says Life as Royal Made Her Suicidal

In a bombshell interview with Oprah Winfrey, the Duchess of Sussex said she had asked officials at Buckingham Palace for medical help but was told it would damage the institution.By Mark Landler See full article

What We Learned From Meghan and Harry’s Interview

The Sussexes accused the royal family of failing to protect them, both emotionally and financially.By Sarah Lyall and Tariro Mzezewa See full article

Colombia Seeks Justice for War Atrocities Via New Court

A court in Colombia is exposing atrocities in the country’s long civil war, trying to compile a record all sides can accept, and offering leniency to those who confess. Not everyone is pleased.By Julie Turkewitz See full article

Pope Francis Meets Iraq’s Top Ayatollah as Both Urge Peace

The meeting with Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani came as Francis sought to protect his persecuted flock in Iraq by forging closer bonds between the Roman Catholic Church and the Muslim world.By Jason Horowitz and Jane Arraf See full article

In China, a Backlash Against the Chinese-Born Director of ‘Nomadland’

Days after winning a Golden Globe for the film, Chloé Zhao was pilloried online for past remarks about China.By Amy Qin and Amy Chang Chien See full article

In a Land Dominated by Ex-Rebels, Kosovo Women Find Power at the Ballot Box

Women are winning greater political representation in Kosovo, raising hopes of more equality in a country still living with the scars of the war against Serbian rule in the 1990s.By Andrew Higgins See full article

After Coup in Myanmar, a Career Diplomat Takes a Stand

At the United Nations, U Kyaw Moe Tun declared his new military masters illegitimate. They fired him, but he has no intention of leaving.By Hannah Beech See full article

China’s Plan to Win in a Post-Pandemic World

The message at the National People’s Congress was one of optimism about the strength of its economy and of struggle against an array of internal and external challenges.By Amy Qin See full article

Una Colombia dividida busca la justicia en un tribunal de posguerra

Una corte está sacando a la luz las atrocidades cometidas en los años de conflicto armado, en un intento de recopilar un registro que todas las partes puedan aceptar como verdadero. No todos están conformes.By Julie Turkewitz See full article

El viaje del papa Francisco a Irak genera preocupación por la pandemia

El pontífice visita el país devastado por la guerra. Pero algunas personas han expresado su preocupación ante la posibilidad de que esa visita se convierta en un evento de superpropagación en una nación donde el virus todavía está presente.By Jason Horowitz See full article

Enrique y Meghan: la tormenta de acusaciones previa a la entrevista con Oprah

CBS ha adelantado fragmentos de video de la pareja y desde el Palacio de Buckingham surgen candentes denuncias por parte del personal.By Mark Landler See full article

‘Es una heroína’: en las protestas en Birmania, las mujeres están en primera línea

A pesar del peligro, las mujeres han estado en la vanguardia del movimiento, increpando a los generales que destituyeron a una dirigente civil.By Hannah Beech See full article

‘Tengo miedo de lo que nos espera’: la crisis de covid de Brasil es una advertencia para el mundo

Brasil experimenta un número récord de muertes y la propagación de una variante del coronavirus más contagiosa que puede causar reinfecciones.By Manuela Andreoni, Ernesto Londoño and Letícia Casado See full article

In Hong Kong, Foreign Tourists Are Replaced by a Local Variety

Bored and trapped in an area one-third the size of Rhode Island, Hong Kongers have sought out the most far-flung corners of their city, mobbing parklands with crowds typically seen downtown.By Vivian Wang and Lam Yik Fei See full article

African-American Sacrifice in the Killing Fields of France

They fought and died as heroes for their country in World War I, only for segregation to persist.By Roger Cohen See full article

How to Unite a Deeply Divided Kosovo? Name a Lake After Trump

A lighthearted suggestion by a U.S. envoy hoping to bridge a vast rift between Albanians and Serbs in Kosovo has taken on a life of its own — only to be ridiculed by local residents on both sides.By Andrew Higgins See full article

Tomb of Joshua, Revered Prophet, Beckons Believers in Baghdad

No one knows for certain if Joshua, the Old Testament prophet, actually lived or where he might be buried. But for over 1,000 years, the sick and faithful have visited a Baghdad tomb said to be his.By Jane Arraf See full article

‘Special and Beautiful’ Whistled Language Echoes Around This Island

On a jagged island in the Canary archipelago, a whistling language known as “Silbo Gomero” is still in use thanks to mandatory classes for schoolchildren.By Raphael Minder See full article


She Was Imprisoned for Killing Her 4 Children. But Was It Their Genes All Along?

The case of Kathleen Folbigg has become a contest between cutting-edge science and an Australian court system that sometimes ignores it.By Damien Cave See full article

The Latest Wrinkle in Crumple Theory

From studies of “geometric frustration,” scientists learn how paper folds under pressure.By Siobhan Roberts See full article

Your Monday Briefing

Israel reopens to its vaccinated populace.By Natasha Frost See full article

How to watch the Meghan and Harry Oprah interview after it airs.

It will show in the U.K. on Monday night.By Choire Sicha See full article

Meghan says she sought help from the palace for suicidal thoughts, but was rebuffed.

In an emotional disclosure, Meghan Markle described suffering persistent suicidal thoughts during her pregnancy after bullying from the news media and being barred from leaving the house.By Natasha Frost See full article

Meghan and Harry recount conversations with royals about their son’s skin tone.

Meghan told Oprah that there were “concerns and conversations about how dark his skin might be.”By Caity Weaver See full article

It’s a girl: Meghan and Harry reveal that Archie will have a sister.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle used the occasion of the Oprah interview to tell the world their second child will be a girl.By Tariro Mzezewa See full article

What are Meghan and Harry wearing?

Meghan Markle wears Armani and Prince Harry wears J. Crew to their Oprah interview.By Vanessa Friedman See full article

Blasts Kill At Least 20 People on Military Base in Equatorial Guinea

Officials also said more than 500 people were injured in a series of explosions on Sunday at a base in Bata, a city in the central African nation. The blasts were attributed to mishandled dynamite.By Storyful and Reuters See full article

Scores Are Dead or Injured in Fire at Migrant Center in Yemen

Most of the victims had been detained trying to cross into Saudi Arabia, an official said.By The Associated Press See full article