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Profiles add a link to a personalised page from your name when commenting where you can include a profile image, website links, and a bio.

Visit the create a profile page to set up your own.

Integrations of user profiles have been improved to accommodate for users who are not admins within the website. The Mac-Classic website is a static website and intentionally doesn't have any back-end integrations to ensure optimal performance and availabiltiy to older web browsers. This means that there isn't a login system etc. as this would require either complex JavaScript or server-side integrations. When comments are moderated they are linked to your profile, but more automation is planned for the future. You do need to remember your username so your comments can be linked, but keep your username secret. Your display name is what will be shown within the website.

Commenting System Upgrades

As part of a number of recent website updates I have built a new commenting system. The original system in place was difficult to follow and multiple comment replies were hard to make sense of. The new system is built to accommodate multi-reply threads and has had a major styling overhaul. Comments also now have permalinks so you can bookmark or share individual comments.

Comment system comparison

Comment system rebuild

Comment system rebuild

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