After a long time of this website being in a bit of a structural mess, it has now been fully rebuilt using Sloop. Sloop is a work in progress, but is a website builder/CMS for websites targeted towards older systems. This means the will always be accessible over HTTP, and viewable on older browsers such as Internet Explorer 5, Classilla etc.

The website is now in a much better state and we look forward to expanding it, and bringing many more updates!


Syd Whitaker

13 June 2021

Sloop seems really interesting. Is there any idea as to when it's gonna become publicly available? I'd kill for my site to be accessable via HTTP.

Greystash - Admin

13 June 2021

Hey Syd,

Thanks for your interest! I'll try get a Beta version out this week and will get in touch with you. It would be great to get some feedback and see some good use-cases.

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