Mac Classic

From time to time you may need to change your screen resolution for full screen applications and games in particular. Mac OS 9 doesn’t remember volume or folder positions and will often leave them scattered across the desktop after switching back to a larger resolution.

SwitchRes is accessible from the Finder menu bar and the contextual menu (right click menu), and allows you to change resolutions to save and restore desktop positions. Switch Res also allows you to define custom resolutions, display sets, and application specific resolutions/settings. SwitchRes can be loaded into the computer’s memory and configured to save desktop positions before changing resolutions. SwitchRes is a must if you use a modern computer monitor with resolutions above 800x600.

SwitchRes is still maintained for Mac OS X by Stéphane Madrau. Please purchase a license from

Download SwitchRes 2.5.3 for Mac OS 8-9.

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