Open Firmware

Site last updated: 2 December 2020

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Open Firmware Scripts


Writing a script Sometimes it’s more useful to put a number of commands into an Open Firmware script rather than entering them directly into the Forth ‘shell’. Scripts can be written with any text editor that can create .txt files. This is the d... More

Disabling CPU cores on a Multiprocessor System


Sometimes it can be useful disabling CPU cores for testing purposes, for example, if you want to test an application under single-core use. You can change settings within Open Firmware to make your system believe it has fewer processors than the n... More

Open Firmware Basics


Booting into Open Firmware Boot into your machine's Open Firmware by restarting and holding the keys Command + Option + O + F   Resetting Open Firmware If you run into issues while modifying properties within Open Firmware, the following ... More