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Controling the Pismo (PowerBook G3) Fan


The PowerBook Pismo (PowerBook G3) has a small cooling fan on it's left side next to the PCMCIA assembly. Most users who have a stock CPU will have never heard, or seen this fan functioning. The temperature limits for this machine appear to be se... More

Mac OS 9 on Unsupported Systems


Most of the Apple G4 models dropped support for natively booting Mac OS 9 and only support Mac OS X. Through a lot of hard work the folks at MacOS9Lives.com have been able to get Mac OS 9 booting on most of these systems. Below is a compiled list ... More

Downgrading a PowerMac G4 MDD Firmware


The Power Mac G4 MDD (Mirrored Drive Doors) FW800 (FireWire 800) was the first Power Mac to drop support for Mac OS 9 and native booting. Architecturally it is almost identical to the other MDD models with the exception of having a FireWire 800 po... More

Controlling System Fans with Open Firmware


My need control fan speeds arose while setting up a PowerBook G4 (17" 1.33Ghz) to boot into Mac OS 9 natively. Mac OS 9 is terrible at monitoring hardware temperatures, and especially with unsupported machines. At the time of writing this I haven'... More